Buy 2 pieces to enjoy a 10% discount, and purchase 5 or more to enjoy a 20% discount.

》About the delivery time?

  • We need to process your order within 24~72 hours after your order is shipped. According to your country address, the transportation time will take about 20-40 days, and it will usually take about 30 days to arrive. Exclude due to customs clearance time or unexpected events.

》What is the return policy?

  • We provide a 30-day refund policy. If you do not like the product and return it, you need to pay the return shipping fee. Please confirm that the product packaging is complete and has not been used. If you want to process the return, please contact us by email first. After we confirm the approval, we will attach the return address to you, and you need to send the goods to this address. We will process the refund within 7 days after receiving the goods. The refund amount will be returned to your payment method. The payment may be delayed due to bank processing time. You can contact your bank for consultation.

》Regarding taxes and fees?

  • Commodity prices do not include taxes and fees. If your country or customs charges customs duties, you need to pay this part of the taxes yourself.

》What should I do if the goods are not delivered?

  • If the goods you purchased have not been delivered for a long time, please send an email to contact us for processing. If the shipping time is within 30 days after delivery, which is the normal time, please be patient and wait for the goods to be shipped.

》What if I receive a defective order?

  • If the goods you received have defects, please contact us by email and attach a picture description. After we confirm that it is a defect, we will give you a refund for processing.

》about the delivery fee?

  • We provide free shipping in most countries worldwide. A small number of countries will charge corresponding shipping costs, you can check the details on the checkout page.

》Can I change the shipping address?

  • If your order is not shipped, you can modify the shipping address. If your order has been shipped, please forgive us for not being able to change the shipping address.

》If you have any other questions, please communicate with us by email.

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